Protect Gard 24 x 100 Silver Sun Control Window Films (Brand New!)

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Protect Gard 24 x 100 Silver Sun Control Window Films
(This item is brand new in the box!)

Protect Gard Residential films provide an extremely effective protection with an extraordinary level of customization to fit your specific décor needs. Our cost effective films can lower cooling or heating costs, enhance energy efficiency, protect your valuable furnishings and increase your safety. Well – known and designed to protect your home against ultraviolet light, heat and glare problems. Our Residential films help your windows reach their potential so you can enjoy your view with an increased functionality, comfort, privacy and protection. We offer a wide selection of subtle to bold shades to compliment and update your interior and exterior design.

Protect Gard automotive films are designed to enhance your vehicle's appearance and to provide the performance features you desire. An array of optically clear and tinted films that range from high-performance dyed films to metal combinations and top-of-the-line all metal films are available to customize your vehicle. Known for their quality and patented scratch-resistant coating, Protect Gard Window Films are durable and virtually maintenance free.

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